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Temperatures continue to moderate for Tuesday

/ September 27, 2021 at 10:09 PM

We’ll continue with dry weather on Tuesday, though dewpoints will continue to creep up and put a little more humidity into the picture. Temperatures will continue to run in the mid-80s tomorrow and for the next couple days before a weak front swings through the area later this week, knocking highs back down to around 80°. All in all, we’re good on the weather front — now we just need the seismic activity to chill.

The 3.3 magnitude earthquake many of you felt earlier this evening was centered just north of West Ashley. This was the first 3+ magnitude earthquake in the Lowcountry since 2014, and the strongest since a 3.6 quake near Sangaree in 2008. There were two other earthquakes beforehand: a 2.8 near Summerville at 12:49 PM followed by a 2.0 in the same vicinity just before 1PM. It’s impossible to know if there will be additional shocks, but these small quakes are a fact of life in the Lowcountry and happen somewhat more frequently than you might think; it’s rare to have one that is very well-felt, though. Something tells me Mother Nature just wanted something for the weather/earth science people to do given the quiet conditions. 🙂