A chilly, raw, rainy Thursday lies ahead

/ February 19, 2020 at 11:06 PM

Thursday is probably going to rank among the nastier, most raw days of this winter: Temperatures barely moving around within the mid-40s, persistent rain, and gusty northeast winds which will make it feel like the mid-30s. Speaking personally, it’s not my favorite by any stretch.

It’s worth noting that the 5:47 AM high tide may approach 7′ in the harbor as northeasterly winds push water levels higher. Some minor coastal flooding will be possible.

It’s going to feel a lot like it, but I’ve got to set expectations here: No, it is not going to snow. We are going to stay just warm enough at the surface and aloft for all precipitation to remain liquid, and the coldest air will lag the moisture by a few hours overnight. If you’re looking for snow, head northward: There are some small chances in the Pee Dee, but it looks like the bullseye is in eastern North Carolina.

This will be the last gray day for a few days; much more sunshine — and much colder weather — is on tap for Friday.