Warming trend for Friday and the weekend

/ November 19, 2020 at 6:05 PM

After a couple chilly days, the 70s return to the weather picture starting Friday and through the weekend. The warming trend will be very gradual, but expect Friday to start in the upper 40s, with low 50s for Saturday and perhaps mid-50s for Sunday. We’ll see a little more cloud cover than we have in previous days, but overall the weather should remain quite pleasant for the weekend before Thanksgiving.

New: Micro.blog support, short-form “tweets” right here on this website

You might have noticed a couple shorter posts on the website this morning that look an awful lot like what I would tweet. This is intentional! I’m beginning to originate more short-form content from chswx.com, which in turn will let me feed more providers to help further disseminate the weather stories of the day. Starting today, you can subscribe to @chswx updates via Micro.blog, a federated social site that is powered using open standards.

Over time, I’ll be bringing more content on-site, including climate data, periodic conditions checks, as well as watch and warning notifications. These will then be broadcast out to both Micro.blog and to Twitter. (Might get Facebook in the mix here, too, but their algorithm remains generally hostile to time-sensitive news.) Stay tuned!

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