A windy and rainy Sunday ahead

/ January 30, 2021 at 5:58 PM

Cloud cover has arrived, and the rain will pick up as Sunday goes on as yet another cold front makes its way toward our neck of the woods. The best chances of the heaviest rain will come later in the afternoon into the evening hours, but showers will be possible at really any point of the day. Once it’s all said and done, we could log another half-inch to inch of rain in the books to close out January.

Temperatures will run in the mid-60s with a stiff southerly wind pumping warm, moist air into the region. Gusts could reach 30 MPH at times, particularly on exposed overpasses and bridges, so be cautious when traveling tomorrow.

There will be a small risk of some minor coastal flooding with tomorrow morning’s high tide, which would primarily affect areas near The Citadel and around Lockwood Dr. High tide is forecast to peak a little after 9:30am.