Frosty start but a sunny and warmer finish to Tuesday

/ March 8, 2021 at 9:44 PM

Our weather winning streak continues into Tuesday, with warmer temperatures in the afternoon after one more overnight frost. Cover up sensitive plants once again tonight and make sure your pets are in a warm, safe place.

Expect mostly sunny skies with perhaps a few clouds sneaking in during the afternoon. Temperatures will rise to around 70°, making it a fairly lovely — and climatologically normal — March afternoon. Hope you can take advantage!

Statewide tornado drill on Wednesday at 9am

Don’t forget: As part of South Carolina’s Severe Weather and Flood Safety Week, a statewide tornado drill will be conducted at 9am Wednesday. It will go out over NOAA Weather Radio and activate the alert tone, but will not activate Wireless Emergency Alerts or other alerting tools. (Well, at least it shouldn’t, but never underestimate the power of bad software to startle people unnecessarily.)

Use the tornado drill as an opportunity to practice your severe weather plan at home, work, or school. If you want, tweet me a pic Wednesday morning of your tornado safe space in action!

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