The week ahead: Warmth continues, far fewer hurricanes

/ September 9, 2019 at 1:24 PM

The week ahead will continue to feature a late-summer heat wave, especially as we kick off the new work week. Temperatures in the 90s will feel closer to the 100s with humidity with just a slight chance of an afternoon shower or storm to cool things off. Thunderstorm chances kick up as we head into the weekend as a tropical disturbance (more on that in a sec) is set to move through Florida, enhancing moisture in our neck of the woods.

Dorian recovery continues apace

Charleston continues to recover well from our brush with Hurricane Dorian last week. As of this morning, Dominion was reporting 271 customers out in Charleston County; Berkeley Electric Co-Op was down to 9. Warm weather continues this week, so if you know someone who is still out of power, consider lending at least a little AC time to them.

Tropical update

We are closing in on the peak of the hurricane season — tomorrow, in fact — and the Atlantic has a couple places to watch. Fortunately, there are no imminent threats for tropical development as of this morning.

One area to watch is a tropical wave approaching the Bahamas. This wave may help enhance some of our rainfall over the weekend, but right now doesn’t look to be much of a concern. It’s going to run into some cooler water upwelled from Dorian, which may help stymie any development as it approaches Florida later in the week.

The second area to watch is further east in the Atlantic, where a wave of low pressure — well out in the middle of nowhere — has a small chance of developing into something tropical in the next five days, but NHC says it is expected to approach an area of hostile wind shear that would limit its further maturation.

Bottom line

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