Rest of tonight: Calming down after a soggy day for Goose Creek

/ June 5, 2021 at 6:46 PM

It’s been another rough day of precipitation. Last night, McClellanville and then Downtown Charleston took the brunt of it, and today it was the Goose Creek area. Rain gauges in the Crowfield Plantation/College Park area recorded 4-6″ of rain in just about two hours as strong to severe thunderstorms (which dropped quarter-size hail on Goose Creek) essentially parked themselves until they gusted out.

Light rain persists underneath the remnants of the storm anvil, but will dissipate with time. The atmosphere has been pretty thoroughly worked over in much of the Tri-County area, and additional thunderstorm development should continue along outflow boundaries moving westward, away from the Charleston Metro Area. Closer to the coast, temperatures are running a little warmer and a little more instability is present, but absent any triggers for thunderstorm development, do not expect much in the way of rain tonight. A shower or two cannot be totally discounted at any time, however, given the tropical airmass that remains in place.

Temperatures could rebound a few degrees between now and sunset, but don’t expect too much change through tomorrow morning — low to mid-70s look pretty good for overnight.

Scattered storms return for tomorrow

High-resolution models suggest that we’ll get off to an early start to showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, with some downpours possibly grazing parts of the coast as early as 6-7am. Showers and thunderstorms will once again develop along the seabreeze and move inland as temperatures approach the mid-80s. The atmosphere will remain juiced up with plenty of available moisture, and back-building storms may once again prove to be a forecast challenge, so we’ll want to keep a close eye on this especially in the afternoon hours.

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