Tuesday: Chilly but much quieter

/ January 3, 2022 at 9:58 PM

Tuesday’s weather, in a word: Quieter. It will also be much less windy than today was, though that’s not a hard bar to reach either. We’ll start the day around freezing in the metro area, with upper 20s further inland, while places near the coast will stay above freezing. Mostly sunny skies will be the rule, with cloud cover increasing a bit as the day goes on.

The main weather hazard for Tuesday will be the potential for moderate coastal flooding with the morning high tide. The forecast is for water levels to reach 7.8′ around 9am. This will certainly be high enough to close several roads in downtown Charleston, including the Highway 61 off-ramp from the Ashley River southbound bridge as well as parts of Lockwood Drive. Be ready to use alternate routes if downtown is in your commuting plans.